The South Australian Junior Heifer Expo began in 1985 and since these humble beginnings has provided an opportunity for kids, interested in cattle and agriculture, to learn about the beef industry. The Heifer Expo, once known as the SA Junior Heifer Show, provides children aged eight to twenty three years with the opportunity to compete, make life long friendships, and gain knowledge and skills required in today’s agricultural industry.

The Heifer Expo spans over four days during the third week in July each year. Entrants come from all over the world to attend the show with most recent International entrants coming from New Zealand and Canada. On offer for the entrants are educational scholarships, study tours, work experience awards and the opportunity to travel to North America on the Landmark North American Scholarship.

2005 Results are Now Online


12.00 noon Cattle to arrive from 12.00 noon
4.00 pm All Entries must be in by 4.00 pm
6.00 pm Dinner

8.30 am Educational Programme
6.00 pm Dinner

8.30 am Quizzes, Contests, Judging School
1.00 pm Heifer Steer Judging
6.00 pm Dinner

8.30 am Handlers Judging
1.30 pm Championship Judging & Presentations
Entry requirements:To enter and become a part of the South Australian Junior Heifer Expo, you must be between the age of 8 and 23 years and have either a purebred steer or stud-registered heifer. Animals can be organised for children unable to find their own. All animals are broken to lead prior to the show and children are responsible for their animal for the duration of the event. Children are educated in showmanship, handling and animal presentation through clipping demonstrations, ringcraft, washing and blow-drying demonstrations, personal presentation, safety and stall presentation.

The entrants are divided into age groups known as

Sub- Intermediate,
Intermediate and
This allows specialised attention to entrants to enhance their current skill level, and children don’t feel out of place. Most importantly this allows children of similar age groups and skill levels to form close friendships that last for a lifetime.

Parents of children are also invited to attend with live-in parent positions available for those people willing to ‘chip-in’ and lend a hand. Organisers of the event need some assistance with meal preparation and it is always handy to have adults around to aid with group organisation.

Accommodation: Entrants are housed on the grounds and are not permitted to leave without prior consent from a committee member. Each child is paired up and allocated a locker where they camp for the duration of the event. Showers and toilet facilities are provided but warm and waterproof clothing is required as the nights become cold.

So are you interested in Cattle or Agriculture and have some spare time in July, why not come down to the Royal Adelaide Showground at Wayville, and become a part of the South Australian Junior Heifer Expo.

Due to numerous offers by individual members and parents of Junior Heifer Expo participants to either sponsor or make donations towards running of the Heifer Expo, the Council has decided to offer individuals the opportunity to sponsor the SA Junior Heifer Expo. Click here for more details and application form ….

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